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Elina Bak.
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Lia Isak.
English, Russian
Moscow Trade Fair Hostess Model - Anastasia Rom.

Reside in Moscow, Russia
Born in 1995
Height: 173 cm

I am an ambitious and diligent individual who always looks forward to working with the English language.
I am very responsible, sociable and self-confident (in a good way, of course). I have been learning English since 2007. My level of English is C1 (Advanced).

Education and qualifications

2014-2018 - MSLU (area studies)
Modules included: cross-cultural communication, the English language; the Chinese language.

Work Experience

2013-2015 - Tutor (I teach kids English at home).

2015 - Hostess:

* Consumer Electronics & Photo Expo 2015 (as a model; used basic English)
* VidFest 2015 (as a promoter)
* Geek Picnic 2015 (as a promoter)
* Renault conference (as a hostess with basic English)
* MIMS Automechanika 2015 (as an interpreter).
Additional skills and achievements
* excellent communication skills
* computer literacy
* wide experience in modeling
* singing (I am a winner of many contests)
* dancing (rock-n-roll, swing)
* acting









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