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Elina Bak.
English, Russian

Valeria Malakh.

Vlada Lip.
English, Russian

Alena Tret.
English, Chinese

Valeria Zag.

Lia Isak.
English, Russian
Moscow Trade Fair Hostess Translator - Ekaterina Savak.

Reside in Moscow, Russia
Born in 1994


Lomonosov Moscow State University
Faculty of Foreign Languages and Area Studies

First language: English
Second language: French

I take a great interest in other cultures and ways of world perception. It is always fascinating to interact with a person who belongs to other culture, whose habits and customs are not similar to mine, and share ideas, feelings, and information.
During the course of my studies at the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Area Studies I acquired a solid base in English and French Linguistics and improved my communication and management skills.
I am hard-working, reliable and trustworthy. If I do decide to succeed in something, I won’t give up at the first sign of trouble – that means I have made the decision to accept the challenge, and dealing with obstacles is part of life and will offer me further learning opportunities and self-improvement.
If I have to do something that I truly enjoy, I won’t hesitate to spring into action, and will start working even earlier, because I can’t stand the thought that I wouldn’t be able to give a hundred and ten percent. That is why I can call myself a perfectionist, however, I do understand that I can’t be ready for all twists and turns I may face, and it is impossible to have contingency plans for every situation. I understand that it is necessary to be open-minded and take the bad with the good to be able to cope with hardships and unpleasant situations in a positive way.


I am enthusiastic about art. As for me, drawing and painting are a kind of a remedy for any sort of grief and depression, a sense of being outside everyday reality. It feels like letting all my feelings show, telling story about my dreams and experiences.

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