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Elina Bak.
English, Russian

Valeria Malakh.

Vlada Lip.
English, Russian

Alena Tret.
English, Chinese

Valeria Zag.

Lia Isak.
English, Russian
Moscow Trade Fair Hostess - Diana Hub.

Reside in Moscow, Russia
Born in 1995
Nationality: Greek-Russian
Height: 1.64 m
Weight: 52 kg


- Greek public school (2000-2004)
- British private school (2004-2012)
- Moscow State Linguistic University, Faculty of applied social sciences and humanities (languages: English, Italian and Icelandic), bachelor's degree (2013-present)


- Scored A* in English language IGCSE exam, given one year early, in 10th grade
- Scored A* in Spanish and French IGCSE
- Fluency in English and Modern Greek
- Lower intermediate knowledge in Spanish and French with good understanding
- Upper intermediate level in Italian

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